Learn To Sell Options By Watching A Professional Trader As He Trades His Own Account.

The goal of this site is to educate individual investors in the art of selling options and show them how they can manager their own money and still generate market beating returns.

Although profits are not gauranteed, we choose to execute trades that have a 70% or higher probability of success. This success rate is determined by using statistical models and standard option pricing guidelines. We base our trades more on statistics and less on technical analysis.

We use different strategies based on what the market is doing so while we prefer the marker doesn’t move much, we also can make money in bull and bear marketts as well.

A Bit About Option Selling

By selling options, we are in essence selling time. An option is like a coupon that must be redeemed by an expiration date or else it is no longer valid. We sell options that have a high probability of expiring worthless.

Everyday that goes by brings us closer to expiration day and with it some theta (time decay). once the options we have sold have lost enough value, we either buy them back and much cheaper prices, or let them expire.


8 Keys To Success

Here’s a simple description of the plan we will use:

  • Only place trades that have a 70% or higher probability of profit. No more 50/50 coin flips like in buying or shorting stocks.
  • Never sell naked options. (Naked options have unlimited risk and we hate risk).
  • Use my mathematical models and statistics to determine which options to sell and when. By using statistics and probabilities, trading becomes scientific and systematic. No guesswork. No need to rely on technical analysis, candlesticks or any such thing.
  • Always know before we place a trade, what our maximum loss, maximum profit, and adjustment points are.
  • Always set up our adjustments points so that if a trade goes against us we can salvage the trade and still make money or get out at much less than the maximum loss.
  • No Day Trading
  • No futures – only stock indexes, ETFs and some less volatile stocks.
  • Keep trades to a minimum to limit commissions and cherry pick the best trades available.

Basically our goal is to make 10% a month on our money by selling time premium and keeping losses to an absolute minimum by doing only high probability trades and adjusting trades before they get into trouble. As you can tell, I am very conservative.

Get Started for only $79 a Month

Trade Stock Options

Membership will help you:

Earn Market-Beating Returns -Options Genius aims to make 10% a month. We do not always make that much and there are losses as well, but even if we average a 5% monthly return, that is still better than most mutual and hedge funds.

Achieve Financial Independence Through Trading- I want all my members to be able to earn enough through trading to pay for all their monthly living expenses and then some. My definition of financial independence is when you have more money coming in than you have going out.

Become a Confident and Savvy Trader/Investor- Lack of confidence can kill a portfolio. If you have ever bought at the top and sold at the bottom you know the feeling of confusion before you make the next trade. With our mathematical formulas, high probability of success, and strict adjustment criteria, the majority of our trades are winners and losses are kept to the bare minimum.

Save on Commissions and Fees- By limiting the number of trades, we save on slippage and commissions. Compared to the average mutual fund that charges at least 1% in fees, our service is a bargain.

Sort through all potential trades and profit possibilities. We cherry-pick only the best trades each month. Due diligence and conservative trading is in our blood.

Keep Your Portfolio in Line with Your Goals- Unlike stocks, bonds, or mutual funds you get your profit in your account each month. There is no holding for years and years before you can touch your earnings. We get our income every month.

Watch Your Investments Like a Hawk- I use my own money to trade the trades I give you. And you can be sure I stay on top of them for you. The only thing I hate more than losing money is losing other peoples’ money.

Sleep Like a Baby at Night- You’ll enjoy the peace of mind of lower risk and greater convience than any other trading startegy but still have the potential for bigger gains. You’ll have the confidence to know you’re in trades with a high probability of profit. You’ll enjoy the peace of mind of lower risk and greater convenience than any other trading strategy but still rack up big gains. You’ll know your financial future is secure and growing brighter with each passing day

Your Membership Includes:

3- 5 trades a month.

I research hundreds of trades a month based on market conditions. But only trade the best ones. I don’t want to bombard you with a trade a day or a week even though I could. I choose only the best ones with the best risk-reward ratio and highest probability of success.

Email alerts on adjustments.

Everyday at the close, I review each trade and if any adjustment needs to be made, I email all my members. If I make an adjustment during the day, I email all members right away as well as update the website. All you have to do is check your email after work and see if there are any adjustments. If they are, enter them with your broker to be executed the following morning. It literally takes less than 15 minutes a day.

Access to me.

I love the market and try to keep up to speed on everything. As a professional trader this is what I do for a living. So not only do you have someone watching the market for you everyday so you don’t have to, but you can email me and ask me questions whenever you wish. I love talking to other traders and I enjoy interacting with my members. I spend tens of thousands of dollars each year on my trading education and continue to keep learning. If there is something new you need to know about, I’ll let you know.

You don’t need to buy any expensive software or take any classes.

You can if you want, but if you want to keep it simple, just take my trades, put them on and do what I say when I tell you to adjust them. That’s it. Let me worry about the chart, the FED, the delta position, and all the other complications of trading. All you need is a trading account that allows you to sell options.

You also get my conservative trading style and risk management measures.

I make these same trades with real money. I tell you exactly what I do. There will be times you will think my style is too cautious and downright boring. That’s fine. If you want excitement, go sky diving. My goal is to make money in the safest way possible.

You get trades based on current market conditions.

I use several types of trades in my arsenal: condors, spreads, butterflies, calendars, diagonals, ratios, etc. Each has its strengths and weaknesses. If the market is going up, we use one type of trade, another if it is going down, and another if it is going sideways. No matter which way the market moves, we can profit.

You also do not have to worry about a contract.

I bill your credit card a month at a time and you can cancel anytime you wish.

You get several FREE BONUS reports that you get to keep even if you cancel.

Trade Stock Options

So What’s It Cost?

I am only allowing a limited number of members to the site.

I cannot have thousands of people trying to place the same trades I am. That will ruin it for everyone. Once I hit my target membership, the site will be closed to new members.

Try out my newsletter and website for just $79 a month. Once you join, your membership fee cannot be increased.

Your cost will stay at this level forever, even when I increase the fees for new members.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

1. If you are unsatisfied during your first month just let us know and your get your first month’s fee back plus you get to keep the bonuses.

2. There is no contract so you can cancel at any time.

3. Your membership fee is guaranteed not to increase as long as you are a member.

Trade Stock Options